Activities Near Cleveland, SC

Here is a list of nearby activities that you can do while staying at one of our rental properties. We hope that you enjoy your SC Upstate Blue Ridge vacation!

1. Victoria Valley Vineyards

Tour the vineyard, taste the wine, and stay for lunch
(Victoria Valley Vineyards Website)

2. Adventures on Lake Jocassee

swim on the beach, rent a paddleboard, or go on a boat tour to view to pristine waterfalls flowing into the lake
(Lake Jocassee Boat Tour Website)

3. Hiking and Waterfall Chasing

visit the numerous State Parks surrounding the area to enjoy a day of hiking with many trails leading to breathtaking mountain views and waterfalls.
Click here to see our favorite hiking spots near you.

Be sure to also check out activities in the popular nearby city of Brevard, NC!

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